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Seamless Steel Line Pipe

Seamless Steel Pipe

Seamless steel Line Pipe in sizes ranging from 1 to 16 3/4 inches (26 to 426mm) in outer diameter is mass produced at the Wakayama Steel Works by the high toe angle piercing, fully retained bar mandrel mill method, the most advanced technology of its kind in the world.

The hot line fully utilizes technologies that Sumitomo Metals has accumulated through many years of experience and basic research. These industry-leading technologies, many of which we developed, include a process computer, a quality control system employing state-of-the-art inspection and measurement devices, and various advanced automation systems.

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Large-Diameter Welded Steel Pipe

Large-Diameter Welded Steel Pipe

The large-diameter welded pipe is manufactured at the Kashima Steel Works. The steel plates are first bent into U-shapes, formed into round shapes by the O-ing press, and then have their seams submerged-arc welded. With over 90 percent of these large pipes used in energy fields such as oil and natural gas pipelines, reliability is the foremost demanded. Sumitomo Metals is already the global leader in the manufacture of high-purity steel pipe resistant to corrosion from hydrogen sulfide, high-strength heavy wall pipe to withstand high-pressure transport, and other high value-added products.

Large-Diameter Welded Steel Pipe Specifications

Applicable Specification

1. Line Pipes



Line Pipe
(Grade B X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80)

BS 3602 Steel Pipe and Tubes for Pressure Proposes Carbon Steel: High Duties.
DIN 17172 Stahlrohre fur Fernleitungen fur brennbare Flussingkeiten und Gase( Pipe for cross country pipelines for flammable liquid and gas)
ISO 3183 Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries – Steel Pipe for Pipelines-
DNV OS-F101 Submarine Pipeline Systems (Applicable Design Code)

2. Pipe for General Uses



Electric Fusion-(Arc) Welded Steel Plate Pipe

ASTM A139 Electric Fusion-(Arc) Welded Steel Pipe
ASTM A155 Electric Fusion Welded Steel Pipe for High Temperature Service
ASTM A671 Electric Fusion Welded Steel Pipe for Atmospheric and Lower Temperature
ASTM A672 Electric Fusion Welded Steel Pipe for High-Pressure Service and Moderate Temperatures
BS 3601 Steel Pipe and Tubes for Pressure Proposes Carbon Steel:Ordinary Duties
DIN 1626 Geschweisste Stahlrohre; Technische Liefebedingungen; (Fusion Welded Steel Pipe;Technical Specification)
JIS G3457 Electric Arc-Welded Steel Pipe

3. Structural Pipe



Welded Pipe Pile

JIS G3444 Carbon Steel Pipe for General Structural Purposes
JIS A5525 Steel Pipe Pile
API 2B Fabricated Structural Steel Pipe

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