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Steel: Carbon, Alloy and Bearing Steel for Various Industries Application.

ISMT is an established market leader in the production of special engineering steels. We produce carbon, alloy and martensitic stainless steel bars with a special emphasis on ultra-clean steels, free machining steels, bearing steels, and on other specially engineered steel grades. With over 15 years of experience in the manufacture of special steels our strength lies in our ability to produce very clean steels consistently and cost effectively; to produce hard to manufacture free machining steels; to develop and custom produce steels that meet specific mechanical or metallurgical requirements; and to deliver small lots of steels.

Rifled Seamless Tubes Available in Ready Stock!

Rifled tubes are used in boilers to provide highly energy efficient means of heat transfer. The presence of the internal rifling induces centrifugal forces in the mass flow thereby separating the water from the steam fraction and forcing the water towards the tube wall. As a result of this phenomenon and the increase in internal surface the following advantages accrue:
  • » Improved heat transfer rate even at higher steam quality levels
  • » Very good heat transfer even at low mass flux levels
  • » Reduction in mean metal temperature of the tube wall
  • » Ability to increase heat transfer rate by optimizing rifling geometry
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